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MOR* Recovery School

(*MOR = Mixed Orientation Relationship)


What is MOR Recovery School?

It is an 8-week Journey to Bleed it all Out, Reconnect with your Authentic Self, get the Upper Hand with your Inner Critic, Bust through your MOR Story, Transform your Relationships, Learn to Trust Yourself again, Learn to Trust Love again, and Launch Yourself into a New Future that is so Bright it Burns your Eyes!

Who is MOR Recovery School for?

MOR Recovery School is for Heterosexual Cisgender Men and Women who have Discovered that they are or were In a Relationship with a Closeted LGBTQ Person and who are Ready to do a Deep Dive into Healing their Wounds from this Experience.


Who teaches MOR Recovery School?

MOR Recovery School was Created and is Taught by Aideen T. Finnola, Professional Life Mentor, Trained Teacher, Published Author, Religious Abuse Survivor, and Former Straight Spouse. Aidy was raised in a Religious Cult and was married to her Closeted Gay Ex-husband for Twenty Years. For a Decade, Aidy has been Helping Straight Spouses to Heal from their MOR Experiences.

What will I learn in MOR Recovery School?

  • Week One - Sacred Practice: The MOR Experience Bleeds you Dry. Over the course of your Relationship with your closeted LGBTQ Spouse, you have Compromised, Done Without, Ignored your Intuition, Neglected your Self-Care, and Disconnected from your Sacred Authentic Self. In this first week, you will Begin to Heal this Wound, this Imbalance, through Creating a Sacred Practice - a practice Unique to you that Secures you Against Violation.

  • Week Two - Bleed It Out: The MOR experience is a Painful Poison. The Pain of having lived in an MOR and the Shock of Finding Out that you are in a Relationship with a Closeted LGBTQ person, Seeps into your very Bones and Poisons every area of your Life. In this second week, you will go through Carefully Crafted Exercises designed to help you Bleed Out the Poison of your MOR Experience so you are Ready to Heal. You will have a chance to Share your Pain, every Gory Detail of it, in a Safe Space filled with people who Implicitly Understand.

  • Week Three - Inner Critic: The MOR Experience Beats you Down. A Universal Hallmark of the MOR Experience is feeling like you're Not Good Enough and that you are what's Wrong. That Unspoken (and False) Criticism becomes very Hurtful Ammunition that your Inner Critic uses against you. What would your life be like without the Constant Criticism from your Inner Critic? Who would you be without that Voice constantly telling you that you aren't Enough, that Nobody will ever Love you, and that your life will Never be Good again? In this third week, you will learn how to Arm yourself with Knowledge and Empowerment to put your Inner Critic in its place, Once and for All.  

  • Week Four - Your Story: The MOR Experience is Completely Life Altering. In the Aftermath of your MOR, it is difficult to Remember Who You Are and What Your Life Is without your MOR Experience. You can't Change the Facts of your MOR Story, but you Can Change How you Tell it to yourself. Who would you be Without your MOR Story? In this fourth week, you will Discover that you do have an Empowered Identity, a Beautiful Life, and a Brand-New Story After and Beyond your MOR Experience.

  • Week Five - Sacred Practice (revisited): The MOR Experience Bleeds you Dry. Creating and Expanding a Sacred Practice to Secure yourself Against Violation is so Important that we Revisit it. In this fifth week, you will Go Deeper and Explore how Archetypes can Empower your Healing, Discover the Divinity in Nature, Learn about the Sacredness Inherent in all Religions, and Play with the Magic of Ritual. You will also learn Practical Tools to Secure your Empathic Self Against Violation because so many Straight Spouses are Empaths.

  • Week Six - Adult Relationships: The MOR Experience Reinforces Dysfunctional Relationship Skills. In the Aftermath of D-Day, it's normal to Question all your Relationships. Who can you Trust? Do you even have any Normal, Healthy
    Relationships? It's Safe to Say, that the Relationship Skills you Practiced for years in your MOR (out of necessity) were Unhealthy and Maladaptive. In this sixth week, you will Begin to Put into Practice the Fundamentals of Healthy Adult Relationships, Starting with Powerful Self-Love and Boundaries.


  • Week Seven - Romantic Relationships: The MOR Experience Destroys your Trust. When the Dust from your MOR Settles, it can be Very Scary to think about a New Romantic Relationship. How can you Trust Love again, Trust Yourself again, and Trust Someone Else again? Do you even Dare to Dream about a New Romance? In this seventh week, you will Begin to Put into Practice the Fundamentals of Healthy Romantic Relationships that were Missing and/or Distorted in your MOR Experience.

  • Week Eight - Launch Yourself: The MOR Experience is Not The End. When D-Day hits, it Feels like The End, but it's Not The End; it Does Get Better. You, your Life, and your Future are all Full of Potential and Possibility. In this final week, you will Craft a Dazzling Vision for your Future, one that is So Bright it will Burn your Eyes, and Set a Goal for yourself, Any Goal, One that is So Big, it Requires you to Change. You will Securely Launch yourself Smack Dab into the Middle of “It Gets better.”


What does MOR Recovery School include?

  • Eight (8) Weekly Class Sessions: You will Meet with me (Aidy) and your Class Section through Zoom for an Hour and a Half each week. You can Ask all your Questions, Share your Challenges, Get Mentoring Support from me, and Connect in Real Time with your Classmates. Classes are Small and Intimate. Each Class Section is Limited to eight (8) students so Everyone gets the Time and Support they Need. Class days and times TBD.

  • Four (4) One-Hour Individual Mentoring Sessions: To Support your Personal Transformation, you will have four one-hour one-on-one Mentoring Sessions with me over Zoom. I am a former Straight Spouse; I've Gone Through an MOR; I Understand and I'm Here for You. You can Share Anything, Ask Anything, and Get the Individualized Attention and Support you Need to take your MOR Recovery Journey All the Way to the Top.

  • Private Facebook Group Exclusively for MOR Recovery School Students: This will be your Private Place to Dialogue about Coursework, Post your Progress, Celebrate your Victories, Ask Questions, Seek Support, Build Community with other Students, etc. I will be Active throughout each week with Posts, Prompts, Recorded Videos, and Live Inspiration to Support you Every Step of the Way.

  • Guest Lecturers: I have lined up a Bunch of Experts to Enhance your Learning and Healing Experience. Drawing from my own Professional Community of Life Coaches, Mentors, Published Authors, and Acclaimed Teachers, I have invited the Most Amazing people to Offer Wisdom in their Areas of Expertise.

  • Complimentary Copy of Reclaiming Your Mind, One Practical Step at a Time: RYM is a Two-Hour audio Program with Workbook that Introduces you to the Basics of Mindfulness, Meditation, Sacred Practice, Management of your Inner Critic, and Re-Writing your Story. It's a Wonderful Resource to get you Started, even before School begins.

  • MOR Recovery School Workbook: You will get a 100+ page Workbook with forty (40) Exercises, Challenges, and Mentoring Tools to Keep you On Track and Maximize your MOR Recovery School experience. These Proprietary Exercises and Tools are Tailored to Support your Healing of the Unique and Nuanced wounds from the MOR Experience. They are Created by a former Straight Spouse for Straight Spouses. They are designed to be Revisited Again and Again to continue to Support your Healing Journey, Long After MOR Recovery School is over.

How much does MOR Recovery School cost?

Tuition for MOR Recovery School is $800. Need-based Scholarships are Available and are Allocated on an Individual Basis.


What can I expect from my MOR Recovery School experience?

  • “Before enrolling in MOR Recovery School, I was completely stuck. My healing and recovery had been stalled for over a year. After going through MOR Recovery School, I felt completely unstuck. The course work was exactly what I needed to support my healing and propel myself forward.”

  • MOR Recovery School is the gift that keeps on giving. Long after school was over, I kept returning to the exercises and the tools that I had learned and kept discovering deeper levels of healing and recovery. I have zero regrets about the money I invested in MOR Recovery School. I’m so happy that I invested in myself for a change.”

  • “The one-on-one mentoring with Aidy was amazing. For a straight spouse, nothing beats getting support from a professional who has also been in a mixed orientation relationship. Aidy really, really gets it. I didn’t have to waste time trying to explain my situation or my experience. She intuitively knew and understood every nuance of the wounds I still carried from being married to a closeted gay man and she had the wisdom to guide me to heal myself.”

  • “Who knew that healing and recovery could be so fun? I enrolled in MOR Recovery School because I was serious about healing my wounds and triggers and moving my life forward after divorcing my lesbian wife, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. The exercises that Aidy created were not only powerful, but they were also clever and fun.”

How do I get into MOR Recovery School?

If you are Interested in Attending MOR Recovery School, Please Apply Here. Once your Application has been Reviewed you will be Contacted for an Interview.

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