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I am a Life Mentor and Teacher for a wide variety of Fellow Travelers. My 10,000 hours of Experience come from my Unique Life Journey.

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What do you mean you’re a Life Mentor? What is a Life Mentor anyway?


Great question! I am a Big Sister, Best Friend, Trusted Elder, Medicine Woman, Sage, Crone, Shaman, Veteran of Life’s Battles, Trail Blazer, and Fire Starter. Basically, I am any adjective you want to use that describes a Wise and Trusted Trained and Experienced Professional who Holds Space, Offers Guidance, Provides Support, Cheers You on, Believes in You, and Glimpses your Vision for Greatness even if you’ve lost sight of it. I am “She who cannot quite be Named” and I am also “She Who’s been down This Road before so Gets It and Knows where Some of the Potholes are.”


Why don’t you just call yourself a Life Coach? I would understand that title cuz I know what a Life Coach is . . . sort of.


Lol! Yeah, I know, right? Well, I do have my Professional Life Coach training and I used to call myself a Life Coach, but that model no longer Resonates with me, nor does it fit the Way that I Work with my Clients. I don’t have a Three or Five or Fifteen-step Method that is my One-Size-Fits-All Solution. I Humbly Collaborate with my Clients, Organically Picking and Choosing and On-the-Spot Inventing the Methods, Techniques, Exercises, and/or Practices that will Best Facilitate their Healing and Personal Growth.

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Okay, so now that I understand it, why would I want a Life Mentor and why would I want you to be my Life Mentor?


A Life Mentor is a Good Fit for You if You are the Kind of Person who has a Habit of Seeking out Wise Counsel and Trusted Guidance to Help you Navigate Challenges and Improve your Life, but also doesn’t like Being Told What to Do. I am a Good Fit for You if You respond better to an Organic Approach tailored to your Individual Situation rather than a One-Size-Fits-All Prescriptive Approach. I am a Good Fit for You if You want to be both Challenged and Nurtured. I am very good at Intuiting when to Hold your Feet to the Fire and when just to Hold Space for You.


Do you have a specific niche or type of client, or do you take anyone as a client?


I work with a Wide Variety of People because Ultimately all of our Stories are “Exactly the Same, Only Different,” but my Unique Life Experiences have given me two Rare Specialties. If you are in or recovering from a mixed orientation relationship (MOR) and/or if you are recovering from any level of extreme religion experience (ERE), I have the specific Personal and Professional Experience and Expertise to help you. If you want the Nitty-Gritty details of my Life Story, check out my memoir.



Okay, I’m definitely interested! How do I get this party started? What are “next steps”?


Yaaaasss . . . Love it! “Next Steps” are for you to complete a Connection Conversation Questionnaire. Once your questionnaire has been reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule a Complimentary Connection Conversation over Zoom. Once we’ve Connected and Confirmed that we’re a Good Fit and you’ve decided on the Mentoring Package you want to Start with, all that’s left is Paperwork. Then we Hit the Ground Running and go get you the Healing and Recovery you Deserve so you can start Thriving instead of just Surviving!

  • Connection Conversation - 15 minutes, Complimentary

  • Mini-Mentoring - 3 one-hour sessions, $450

  • Main Mentoring - 6 one-hour sessions + 1 LifeLine*, $900

  • Major Mentoring - 8 one-hour sessions + 2 LifeLines*, $1,200

  • Magic Mentoring - a weekend-long Mentoring Intensive (includes lodging and meals) + 2 one-hour followup sessions, $3,200

*A LifeLine is available when you encounter a tough situation or crisis and need immediate support and guidance. You can reach out to me through email and I will schedule a half-hour session with you within 24 hours. If you do not use your LifeLine(s) by the end of your mentoring package, you can convert it/them into a regular mentoring session(s)


**My Offerings are not available for purchase through my website. It is important for us to connect first to see if we are a good fit. If you feel moved to mentor with me, please complete a Connection Conversation Questionnaire and you will be contacted to schedule a Complimentary Connection Conversation.

Mentoring packages must be used within the number of months equal to the number of sessions purchased, i.e. a six-session package expires six months after the date of purchase.


“Working with Aideen is like sitting down to coffee with a trusted friend. She is easy to talk to and creates a safe space to be vulnerable. With her sense of humor and depth of knowledge, each session gets to the heart. Her wisdom and insight are a shot of espresso, bringing clarity and the energy to move forward. Highly recommended!”


"Grateful a dear friend introduced me to Aidy! In a very short time with her, I’ve learned new tools that can be implemented immediately. I tried using one of those tools after my first session with Aidy. Quite amazing-Feeling better :-) ***** (5 stars)"


"Aidy has been and continues to be a trusted mentor, resource and member of “my community” for my healing journey. Her own journey has shaped her insights, perspectives and style to be the mentor and coach she is for me today. I value her practical approach and considerations as well as her openness for feedback and open dialogue. Best of all, her passion to mentor and share her learnings has been instrumental in helping many others like me to process and move through the pain, trauma, and PTSD with the goal to experience healthy healing and support. Thank you Aidy. I couldn't have done it without you."

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