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Hi, I’m Aideen T. Finnola, but you can call me Aidy.

I'm a Professional Life Mentor,
Teacher, and Author.

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I am an Incarnating Badass. I was born into this Incarnation as a Seeker and a Teacher. From a young age, Figuring This Shit Out (Time and Space) has been my Burning Passion, perhaps my only Passion. My Journey through Time and Space has been both Beautiful and Treacherous, and I have gained tremendous Insight along the way. I cannot claim, nor do I fool myself to think, that I have Figured this Shit out, but I have Figured out Some of It. I learned long ago on my Path as Teacher that if I can Understand something, I can make it Understood. I continue to Seek to Understand the Mystery of Time and Space so that I can help my Fellow Travelers to Understand It. The Human Experience is meant to be Collaborative, and I delight in Sharing and Teaching what I have come to Understand. 

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Over the Course of my Life, I have often been declared to be Wise. To be honest, although I have always been Gracious when someone has declared me to be Wise, it’s never sat well with Me. The source of my Discomfort was not Self-Deprecation, but rather Confusion—I just didn’t Understand. One day I saw a Quote painted on a coffee shop wall that said, “Wisdom is Healed Pain.” When I read that, I Understood why so many people have called me Wise, because, in Truth, I have Healed a Shit Ton of Pain in myself and in my Life. I’m still not comfortable with declaring myself to be a Wise Woman. Nonetheless, consistently, when I am asked a Question, Wisdom has an Uncanny Habit of coming out of my Mouth. It isn’t about Me being Wise; it’s about my Willingness to be Available to Wisdom.

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I am an Unapologetic and Empowered Survivor of and Thriver after physical, emotional, psychological, and religious abuse. I have Healed from and Moved Past an abusive childhood and a mixed orientation (MOR) marriage. I am Unapologetic, meaning I don’t mince words about abuse. I don’t make Excuses for my abusers and say things like “They meant well” and “I know they loved me.” Those statements may be true in the Grand Scheme of Things, but statements like those Minimize and Invalidate what I suffered. I am Empowered, meaning I don’t live my Life with a Victim Mentality. I was victimized, but I am Not a victim. I don’t let the abuse that have I suffered limit me, nor do I use it as an Excuse to settle for Less than Everything that I want for Myself and out of my Life.

Oh, and if this Shit is important to You...
I have my Professional Life Coach training from the Martha Beck Institute of Life Coach Training. I also have a BAEd degree in History and Secondary Education from the University of Michigan and an AA degree + Professional Certificate in Interior Design from Scottsdale Community College. I have taught at both the high school and college levels, I’ve won four state-level ASID Design Excellence awards, and I facilitated a Straight Spouse Network support group for two and a half years.

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