Straight Up!

Straight Up!


This coaching program is for you if you are a heterosexual man or woman who has discovered that you are or were in a relationship with a closeted LGBTQ person.


I don’t need to tell you…this is a uniquely painful experience. It is common to feel very alone because most people around you just can’t understand.


I lived as a straight spouse for twenty years, and I facilitated a Straight Spouse Network support group for two and a half years.


I understand exactly what you’re going through

Discovering that your spouse is LGBTQ causes you to question every single thing you thought you knew about your life.


In this coaching program, I give you a safe place to share your experience honestly and be heard—straight up!


Through Straight Up!, my clients reclaim not only their future, but also make peace with their past. They let go of what they wish their life could have been, and what they thought their life was. They move past victimhood. They overcome self-doubt and reclaim trust in themselves and trust in life.

I will help you to find the strength inside yourself to recover and rise—straight up! Because it really does get better!

Straight Up! is for you if:

  • You are reeling from the shock of finding out that your significant other is not who you thought they were; you feel like your life as you know it (or thought you knew it) is over and you will never recover from this life altering event.

  • You’ve been told by other straight spouses that “it does get better” and you really want to believe them; you really want to get to the place where it has gotten better but you have no idea how

  • You’re long past discovery and all the changes that come with that; it has gotten mostly better for you but you still feel stuck and are wondering if this life changing event is going to haunt you forever.


Six Session Package

  • 6 (1-hour) one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Investment: $1195

Eight Session Package

  • 8 (1-hour) one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 1 lifeline*

  • Investment: $1595

Ten Session Package

  • 10 (1-hour) one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 2 lifelines*

  • Investment: $1995

*A lifeline is available when you encounter a tough situation or crisis and would like immediate coaching. You can email me and I will schedule a half hour coaching session with you on the phone within 24 hours.

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You’ll benefit from my unique coaching style, which includes:

  • I will hold a safe space for you to say anything you want or need to say, and I mean anything!

  • I will not ask you those painful and infuriating questions like: “Didn’t you suspect that your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend was gay?” Or my personal favorite: “But you have kids together, are you sure he/she is gay?”

  • I will support you falling apart as much as you need to and for as long as you need to and, when you are ready, I will be your biggest cheerleader as you to move forward into the better life that is waiting for you.

  • I will give you concrete tools and practical practices to help you find the healing energy that is inside yourself, even if you think it doesn’t exist.

  • I’ll be your living proof that it really does get better until you become your own living proof that it really does get better!


“When I first discovered that my husband was gay and had been living a secret life for our entire 23 year marriage, I was completely devastated and didn’t know where to turn! My friends and family members were very sympathetic and supportive of me, but they really couldn’t understand what had just happened to me.


I felt so alone!


When I had my first discovery call with Aidy, she understood everything—even stuff I hadn’t fully grasped yet! Hiring her was the first glimmer of hope for me. To be able to get guidance, advice, and wisdom from a life coach, who was also a straight spouse, has been priceless! I know it would have taken me much longer to heal from the pain of TGT [MOR] and reclaim my life without her coaching. I’m forever indebted to her!”


Linthicum Heights, Maryland