This coaching program is for you if you are a heterosexual man or woman who has discovered that you are or were in a relationship with a closeted LGBTQ person.


In this coaching program, I give you a safe place to share your experience honestly and be heard—straight up!


Through Straight Up!, my clients reclaim not only their future, but also make peace with their past. They let go of what they wish their life could have been, and what they thought their life was. They move past victimhood. They overcome self-doubt and reclaim trust in themselves and trust in life.

I will help you to find the strength inside yourself to recover and rise—straight up! Because it really does get better!

Straight Up! Coaching

Choose from these packages:
    • All coaching package sales are final.  There are no full or partial refunds offered.
    • Sessions must be used at a rate of at least one per month and any unused sessions will be forfeited without refund.


Linthicum Heights, Maryland