Reclaiming Your Mind: One Practical Step at a Time


Have you heard of “mindfulness”? Have you tried to meditate? Have you tried to overcome negative thinking? Have you tried to improve your life outlook? Have you tried to combat your inner critic?


And have you gotten frustrated and thrown in the towel every time?


Well, you’re not alone!


That’s why I created Reclaiming Your Mind: One Practical Step at a Time…


For you!


I created this three part audio program and downloadable workbook to make the seemingly simple yet practically challenging practices of mindfulness, meditation, and management of the inner critic understandable and accessible to everyone. Using very practical exercises, I deconstruct meditation and mindfulness for you and make them completely accessible to you, regardless of your experience level. You will discover the “missing link” which make these practices feel so elusive for so many people. You will learn the tangible impact of meditation and mindfulness on your physical health, stress levels, and relationships.


Through clever journaling exercises, you will get a chance to call out your “inner critic” for the mean little bully that it is and learn how to put it in its place. You’ll uncover the “story” you’ve been telling yourself about why you cannot do or have what you want in your life, and re-write an empowering story for yourself. You’ll learn how to write your own Positive Propaganda to “brainwash” yourself into believing in yourself and in your dream life. Plus, you’ll get several bonus tools!


What do you have to lose? Your inner turmoil? Your negative outlook? Your self-defeating inner dialogue? Your limited perspective on your life?


What do you want to gain? Your inner peace? Your positivity? Your self-love? Your empowerment?


Buy your copy of Reclaiming Your Mind: One Practical Step at a Time and get started today!

Reclaiming Your Mind - One Practical Step At A Time Program

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