Leaving Your Religion

Leaving Your Religion


This coaching program is for you if you have been involved in an extreme, repressive, and damaging religious group/church.


Religious abuse is just as damaging as any other abuse; it violates your authentic self, your soul, your spirit (or whatever your word is for it). It is common to feel very alone—you’ve left your religious community and have very few, if any, people in your life who understand or support you.


I know firsthand how painful this experience is, and I’m here to tell you that your wounds are legit!

Leaving an extreme religious group/church is very disorienting because involvement in these groups is all-encompassing. It is normal to feel lost—no longer wanting to belong to the group/church that hurt you but also not knowing where you belong.


I understand exactly what you’re going through!


When I left the fundamentalist religious cult that I was raised in, I felt lost and it took a long time for me to find belonging in myself.


In this coaching program, I will guide and support you as you heal your wounds, rediscover your state of original perfection, reconnect to your authentic self, and recreate a sacred practice for yourself that is safe.

Leaving Your Religion is for you if:

  • You left a church, religious group, or cult because its practices and beliefs were painful and unworkable for you. Your wounds are not yet healed, and you still have resentment and anger about it.

  • The religious abuse you suffered still negatively impacts you and your current life experience and you wish it didn’t.

  • You long for something more to support your authentic self but you sure as hell don’t want to join another church or religious group!


Six Session Package

  • 6 (1-hour) one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Investment: $1195

Eight Session Package

  • 8 (1-hour) one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 1 lifeline*

  • Investment: $1595

Ten Session Package

  • 10 (1-hour) one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 2 lifelines*

  • Investment: $1995

*A lifeline is available when you encounter a tough situation or crisis and would like immediate coaching. You can email me and I will schedule a half hour coaching session with you on the phone within 24 hours.

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You’ll benefit from my unique coaching style, which includes:

  • I will hold a safe space for you to say anything you want or need to say, and I mean anything!

  • I will understand and respect your triggers! I know (and used to use) just about all of the religious vocabulary that exists and I know how seemingly simple words like “blessing” or “plan” can pour salt in the wound!

  • I will validate and champion your authentic self that was abused by the religion you were in; your wounds are legit!

  • I will give you concrete tools and practical practices to help you find and reclaim your authentic self, even if you’ve completely lost touch with it.

  • I’ll be your living proof that you can survive and thrive after religious abuse until you become your own living proof!

“Having been born into a fundamentalist apocalyptic charismatic evangelical cult in the late seventies, I’ve felt like an outsider most of my life.   I felt tremendous despair and frustration when I worked with several counselors and confided in countless “normal” friends, in an attempt to unpack my experiences from growing up in the cult, only to be met with blank stares, quizzical looks, or disbelief. In my coaching sessions with Aidy, she demonstrated, with awe-inspiring clarity, her unique grasp of the mental, spiritual, emotional, relational, familial, and physical issues that I was struggling with as a result of being immersed for many years in this environment. Her unapologetic, compassionate and clear coaching illuminated the way for me out of a tangle of core damaging beliefs into a new, empowered understanding. I now know how to move forward with both my past losses and my gifts from this difficult experience into a bright future, created and crafted one moment at a time by a resilient survivor—ME!”




Linthicum Heights, Maryland