Do It Differently

Do It Differently


This coaching program is for you if you are passionate about being the best parent you can be for your children and you have little or nothing to draw on from the parenting that you experienced from your parents.


The most common thing I hear from my clients who have had less-than-ideal childhoods is, “I want to do it differently with my children!” I understand, because I desperately wanted to do it differently with my children in absolutely every way possible!

Having had to start from scratch when I began parenting my children, I understand just how overwhelmed and daunted you feel!


You are not alone!


Experience is the best teacher and I have so much to teach you from my experience.


In this coaching program, I will help you to identify exactly how, why, and what you want to do differently with your children.


You will get a giant bucket full of very practical and effective parenting tools, tailored specifically to you and your children, so that you truly can do it differently with your children.

Do It Differently is for you if:

  • You give more than just lip service to putting your children first; raising your children well is a burning passion for you.

  • You often fall short of your vision for yourself as a parent.

  • You regularly wish you could have less conflict/struggle and more fun with your children.

  • You are committed to disciplining your children without spanking, but don’t know how else to discipline them.

  • You are so afraid of yelling at your kids that you let them run wild, or you swallow your anger over and over until you finally blow up.  

  • You are willing to be creative and continually try new things until you find what works with your unique children.

  • You and your parenting partner (if applicable) are on the same page in your parenting style and support each other (at least most of the time) as parents.

Do It Differently is a six week coaching program that includes:

  • Pre-work and discussion through email prior to our first weekly session to maximize our coaching sessions throughout the program.

  • Six weekly 1.5 hour coaching sessions for you and your parenting partner (if applicable) in your home or via Skype.

  • A workbook with information, exercises, and journal space to record your thoughts and experiences throughout the program

  • Two emergency “lifeline” phone sessions. Children are unpredictable and stuff happens; when something arises that you would like immediate coaching on, you can call, text, or email me and I will schedule an hour coaching session on the phone within 24 hours.


Do It Differently

Coaching Package

  • (6) 90-minute coaching sessions

  • Pre-work prior to session

  • Workbook, exercises, and journal space

  • 2 lifelines*

  • Investment: $3995

*A lifeline is available when you encounter a tough situation or crisis and would like immediate coaching. You can email me and I will schedule a half hour coaching session with you on the phone within 24 hours.

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Here’s what you can expect from my unique coaching style through Do It Differently:

  • I understand that parenting is the most daunting endeavor and responsibility that there is in the whole world! I will hold a safe space for you to say anything you want or need to say, and I mean anything!

  • I will support and affirm your role and authority as parents; there are legitimate responsibilities that your job requires and you are entitled to the legitimate authority needed to carry out those responsibilities.

  • I will give you concrete tools and practical practices to help you be in control without being controlling and have the parenting power that you need and deserve without power tripping your children.


“Raising children is a harder job than any I had ever had before!!!  I sought out coaching to help me navigate the daily challenges of raising two young children without losing my mind and my patience.  Aidy has given me specific and valuable tools that have helped me communicate with my children in an effective way—in a way that empowers me to parent effectively without power-tripping my children. I am truly amazed at the impact these practices have had on my children as well as my family.  I honestly feel I am a better Mom because of my coaching with Aidy.”


Linthicum Heights, Maryland