I am a Life Mentor and Wisdom Channeler for a wide variety of Fellow Travelers. My 10,000 hours of Expertise come from my Unique Life Journey.

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I am a Professional Life Mentor and a Wisdom Channeler. More specifically, I am a Guide, a Tracker, a Reminder, and a Firestarter. I am a seasoned and supportive Guide for those who feel lost in the Jungles of their Life Experiences. I am an expert and skilled Tracker for those who are seeking their own Answers. I am a loving and gentle Reminder for those who have temporarily forgotten their own Wisdom. I am a fierce and powerful Firestarter for those whose Inner Fire has waned. Having passed through the Dark Night of the Soul several times in my own Life, I have acquired excellent Night Vision to help Illuminate a Way Through for Fellow Travelers.

We are all born in a state of Original Perfection, with our Inner Fire blazing, deeply connected to our Wisdom, and with all the Answers we will ever need. Sooner or later, we douse our Inner Fire, silence our Wisdom, forget our Answers, and we get Lost. This is on Purpose. This is both the Fun and the Challenge of Time and Space and we are Not supposed to do it Alone. The Human Experience is meant to be Collaborative. The Game is rigged—in a Good Way. It is easier for me to fan your Inner Fire, channel Wisdom for you, and remember your Answers than my own, and I stoke my Inner Fire, receive more Wisdom, and am reminded of my Answers when I help you.

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Our Journey through Time and Space is a Divine Mystery. Sometimes, it is Hell on Earth; sometimes it is Blissful Ecstasy. Most of the time, it is Somewhere In-between. When we take the Journey seriously, we run joyfully into the Mystery and eagerly seek the Divinity. When we take the Journey seriously, we also end up passing through the Dark Night of the Soul. This is on Purpose. There is a quality of Clarity and depth of Awakening that is only available through gut wrenching, soul crushing, heartbreaking suffering. Even through the Dark Night of the Soul, we are Never alone. When we Ask for Guidance, Fellow Travelers appear to Help us Through.

Decades of Life Mentoring and Wisdom Channeling have given me a Great Respect for each person’s Journey. In essence, it’s not about Me; it’s about You. Over and over again, I have been deeply Humbled and profoundly Inspired by the Bravery and Resiliency of those who have Mentored with me. It is my supreme Honor and great Pleasure to continue to be a Life Mentor and Wisdom Channeler for those Fellow Travelers who resonate with me and my Offering.

  • Connection Conversation - 15 minutes, Complimentary

  • Wisdom Window - 45 minutes, $75

  • Wisdom Watershed - 90 minutes, $150

  • Mini-Mentoring - 3 one-hour sessions, $375

  • Main Mentoring - 6 one-hour sessions + 1 Lifeline**, $750

  • Major Mentoring - 8 one-hour sessions + 2 Lifelines**, $1000

  • Magic Mentoring - a full day Mentoring intensive + 2 one-hour followup sessions, $2500

Mentoring packages must be used within the number of months equal to the number of sessions purchased, i.e. a six-session package expires six months after the date of purchase.


*My Offerings are not available for purchase through my website because it is important for us to connect first to see if we are a good fit before we choose to collaborate together. If you feel moved to collaborate with me, please email me at aideen@aideentfinnola.com to schedule a Complimentary Connection Conversation.


**A Lifeline is available when you encounter a tough situation or crisis and need immediate guidance. You can reach out to me through email and I will schedule a half-hour session with you within 24 hours. If you do not use your Lifeline(s) by the end of your mentoring package, you can convert it/them into a regular mentoring session(s).