About Aidy

For the first two decades of my life, I was raised by abusive parents who were zealous members of a religious covenant community cult; for the second two decades of my life, I was unsuspectingly married to a closeted gay man who was emotionally and psychologically abusive. After decades of abuse and neglect, it is no wonder that I was a pack-a-day smoker, daily drinker, chronically overweight, had had two extra-marital affairs, and was on a high dose of antidepressants because I had seriously contemplated suicide more than once. What is a wonder is that today I am happy, healthy, and whole!


Today, I am a practicing Martha Beck-trained life coach, public speaker, and author. I coach and speak all over the world, teaching others how to transmute their pain into empowerment. My autobiography detailing the insights I have gained on my own healing journey is called My Exquisite Purple Life.


I made it through my darkest days to reclaim my life because of the help and inspiration of others who had made it through their darkest days. It is my mission to help and inspire you!  If you are currently in your darkest days, I am here to support you with compassion and empower you with very practical tools to enable you to reclaim your life.  If you have already made it through your darkest days, I am here to encourage you with inspiration and mobilize you with very powerful tools to help you keep climbing even higher to achieve your most empowered life!


Oh, and if this stuff is important to you…I also have a BAEd degree in history and secondary education and an AA and Professional Certificate in interior design. I’ve taught at both the high school and college levels and I’ve won four state level ASID Design Excellence awards.



Linthicum Heights, Maryland